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EasyFill operates in three different business areas; FIFO merchandising systems, Trading of plug-in beverage cabinets, and car trailers
- FIFO merchandising systems
- Cabinet coolers
Car trailers
Below you can read a summary of the various companies and cooperations that make up the EasyFill Group. EasyFill AB (Publ.) is listed on Spotlight stockmarket in Stockholm since 2007
EasyFill AB
Mother company of the group. HQ in Bräcke, Sweden and Sales office in Sollentuna, Sweden. Patent holder of the innovative FIFO merchandising systems. CEO Håkan Sjölander
EasyFill GmbH
100% owned by EasyFill AB. Sales office based in Cologne, Germany. Responsible for Germany, german speaking countires and adjacent markets. MD Oliver Eischeid
EasyFill America
50/50 Joint venture with Texas based Marco Company. EasyFill America handles EasyFill business in North, South- and central America. MD Craig Nickell
EasyFill Southern Africa
50/50 Joint venture based in Capetown. EasyFill SA handles EasyFill business in Southern parts of Africa. MD Steve English
Enjoy Sales AB
100% owned by EasyFill AB. Bräcke, Sweden. Handles trading of cabinet coolers and freezers in the Nordic markets. MD Urban Sjöberg
Ebeco SRO
100% owned by EasyFill AB. Nizna, Slovakia. Development and production of shelving systems and car trailers. Sales company for trailers in Slavakia and to dealers. MD Andrea Slimakova
Ebeco AS
100% owned by EasyFill AB. Trailer sales in Norway. MD Henning Bersagel