Enjoy Sales AB
The success of Enjoy Sales AB

With more than 22 years of experience in the industry, Enjoy Sales AB delivers refrigerators and freezers with trademark decorations.

We are 100% owned by EasyFill AB.


At Enjoy Sales, we serve the service, grocery and Horeca sectors with sales-driven exposure solutions for refrigerated and frozen products.

With the market’s leading suppliers of cabinet coolers and freezers in our range, we put great value on ALWAYS serving the customer with the highest possible quality.

We stress test our suppliers when it comes to reliability, reduced environmental impact and maintenance and energy saving measures to always offer you the solution you just need.


Through the years, we also had our own manufacture of refrigerators in our premises in Bräcke so you can trust that we know what we are talking about.

Despite, or perhaps thanks to, our Nordic origin, we are quick to turn and focus on exceeding your expectations.


Among our most faithful customers are Spendrups Bryggerier AB and Axfood.
Our largest suppliers are Frigoglass, Efficold, Husky International, ScanDomestic