Settlement in the patent process between Enjoy Group AB and Frigoglass Nordic A/S

Enjoy Group AB (publ), has reached a settlement with Frigoglass Nordic A/S in the current patent process. Negotiations of license agreement with Frigoglass SAIC, Athens, has begun regarding collaboration on existing products and negotiations is expected to be concluded shortly.

Enjoy Group AB and Frigoglass A/S and its partner Ebeco A/S has as of 2011-09-13 reached a settlement of the patent dispute between the two companies, the parties have decided that the agreements in the settlement are not to be disclosed or published. The reason for the late announcement is the time required for authorization of related parties in several different countries.

The agreement means that the court negotiations in Stockholm District Court has been concluded.

Frigoglass SAIC, Athens and Enjoy Group AB has entered into negotiations regarding a non exclusive license agreement that is expected to end soon. The aim of the agreement is that the company will have access to Enjoys patented products, RotoShelf and CaruShelf, in the form of purchases from Enjoy or manufacturing in-house for selling and marketing on a global level.

Ebeco has in the endorsed settlement agreement reserved the right to continue to manufacture, and Frigoglass to market and sell the developed product TurnLoader which is accepted by Enjoy, however for every product sold an agreed commission must be paid to Enjoy (details of the agreement will not be published).

Bräcke, Sweden 12/10 2011

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Short on Enjoy Group AB (publ)
Enjoy Group AB is a public company, listed in Sweden on Aktietorget stock exchange, with focus on developing and patenting products for fast and easy refilling of shelves. The company currently has a product base of three patented products that reduces the time it takes to refill and front cooler shelves to a minimum.
Enjoy’s business model is to find partners who are willing to exploit our patented knowledge, design and technology through licensing arrangements on a non-exclusive basis.

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