RotoShelf TM SwingOut patent approved in the US

EasyFill AB (publ) has now received the companys second U.S patent. The awarded product is the RotoShelfTM SwingOut.

On 19 October 2007, EasyFill AB applied for a U.S. patent for RotoShelfTM SwingOut. Since then there have been many rounds of patent examination, and each piece in the patent application has been examined meticulously. Today, the management of EasyFills AB is proud to announce that the company has received its second patent in the United States. This time it is the store shelf system RotoShelfTM SwingOut (store shelves that when filling are swung out and stocked from the back of the shelf) .

EasyFill AB is, presently not active or negotiating with any contacts in the U.S. on shelves for dry goods, and the reason is that it has always been the opinion of the Board of directors that for a company with this kind of revolutionary product, which reduces waste from out of date products, increases sales and reduces the filling time, you cannot start up in the U.S. before the company has a 100 % approved patent. EasyFill AB now has the patent and the company will in 2014 be working hard to find partners who already are, or want in on the U.S. market in the Retail segment.

RotoShelfTM SwingOut is, based on the market analysis we conducted, a product that fits like a glove for the U.S. market. Lots of store shelves fronts goods, but no one has solved the problem of filling in a simple and cost-saving manner. With our knowledge of how difficult it is to stock up on supplies from the front and that we have a ready solution to the problem with our patented RotoShelfTM SwingOut this patent in the U.S. feels incredible.

RotoShelfTM SwingOut has a steel frame that swings out when filling. The shelves are made of plastic (to get the lowest possible cost price) and can be adjusted to several different angles so that different types of goods is always at the front of the shelf (closest to the customer). On the shelf are adjustable dividers that can easily be adjusted to fit the product in question and whether a product has high friction EasyFills newly developed roller track can be used so that even the most difficult goods can be fronted for the customer. EasyFills RotoShelfTM SwingOut plastic shelf with adjustable dividers and roller tracks that can easily be put anywhere on the shelf, is an innovation that will revolutionize the store shelves industry where development has basically stood still since many years. Read more here:

CEO comment :

Yet another piece has been added to EasyFill puzzle.

“What a great feeling it is to, after many years of hard work where substantial costs and resources have been invested, finally obtaining a patent in the U.S. on RotoShelfTM SwingOut. I have on several occasions been thinking about whether it is really worth spending so much time and energy on a patent in the U.S. where no one even knows about the problem RotoShelfTM SwingOut solves. Our task is now to find the right partner for the American market , and if we do it so all the hard work can pay off for me and our shareholders, says EasyFills AB Håkan Sjolander ”

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Håkan Sjölander CEO, EasyFill AB (publ)
Cell: +46 70 59 444 69, E-mail:

Short on EasyFill AB (publ)
EasyFill AB is a public company, listed in Sweden on Aktietorget stock exchange, with focus on developing and patenting products for fast and easy refilling of shelves. The company currently has a product base of three patented products that reduces the time it takes to refill and front store, and cooler shelves to a minimum.
EasyFill’s business model is to find partners who are willing to exploit our patented knowledge, design and technology through licensing arrangements on a non-exclusive basis.

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