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Note: this PM was published earlier in Swedish.

Enjoys patented smart shelves are now featured on the company website under the header “Movie presentations”. The movies are linked to YouTube that you can access from Enjoys website or directly by using the search function on YouTube.
All of Enjoys smart shelves RotoShelf, CaruShelf, and RotoTrack are featured except SwingOut Ambient – shelves for dry goods. Consciously, we waited with that movie because we are installing a number of SwingOut Ambient sections in a supermarket in Eskilstuna and then take the opportunity to present the product from installation to finished shelf.
All presentation movies are produced and filmed by Enjoys Marketing manager Jens Nisu. Jens is also the actor in the videos. Of course, Enjoy would have been able to invest a lot of money on these movies, but at this stage the most important is to show the function and all the potential applications where our smart patented shelves can save huge amounts of money for the user, not a professional video production.
Jens chose not to add speaker sound in films, but the films will have some type of music in the background in the future.

Comment by CEO Håkan Sjölander:
I can not help to be proud of the work Jens done in this case, I know it looks easy now when it is done, but I know there are many hours of work to make movies to show our patented products’ enormous potential. When Jens came to me and wanted to make these new product movies I told him that he had a limited budget and that he therefore had to use his creativity, which he succeeded in doing according to me. My opinion is that with the new presentation movies we have moved from Division 4 to Division 2. As soon as the company makes money, we will develop a new website and then we are going to apply the highest standard possible. I have in recent days gotten comments about our new slogan, “Always In Front” which some think is not so good while others express their satisfaction. We have been looking for a slogan that express Enjoys ambition to always be at the forefront when it comes to development of store interior solutions, we also wanted to highlight that by using our smart shelves the products will always be sold fronted and thus increasing sales. The fact that Enjoy is the world leader in the smart shelve segment does not make the slogan worse.
The interest for Enjoys products is huge and at the end of March, we will go to Rumania to show all shelf solutions in a Frigoglass sales conference. To go from having a patent dispute to be able to show our smart shelves the whole sales force of Frigoglass is incredible to me says CEO Håkan Sjölander.

Bräcke 17/02-2012
For further information please contact: Marketing Manager Jens Nisu +4670-660 58 82, or CEO Håkan Sjölander +46 70 59 444 69,

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Short on Enjoy Group AB (publ)
Enjoy Group AB is a public company, listed in Sweden on Aktietorget stock exchange, with focus on developing and patenting products for fast and easy refilling of shelves. The company currently has a product base of four patented products that reduces the time it takes to refill and front cooler shelves to a minimum.
Enjoy’s business model is to find partners who are willing to exploit our patented knowledge, design and technology through licensing arrangements on a non-exclusive basis.

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