EasyFills AB (publ.) signs two new distribution partners.

EasyFill AB signs two new distribution agreements to cover additional markets. The new agreements have been signed with Poland based Lorien Group and Irish company Anglo-Irish.

EasyFill keeps building on the international network of distribution partners to increase the market and sales penetration of the patented products. With these two agreements signed the Company’s opinion is that there are enough partners and that the focus will be to grow together with these resellers to present EasyFill products on each respective market.

EasyFill distributors are now available on the following markets:

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Benelux, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakstan, Israel and Australia.

Short description of Lorien Group:

Lorien group is one of the market leaders in the food-retail and Horeca industries since the past 21 years and has, since the beginning been working with shopfitting, store design and layout as well as equipment for the above-mentioned industries.

The core market is Poland but the company has business in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakstan to various extents.

Short description of Anglo -Irish:

Irish company Anglo-Irish is working in commercial refrigeration on the Irish market since the past 40 years.

There is a close cooperation with well-established multideck manufacturers; Italian Arneg, Austrian Hauser and Dutch Smeva and Anglo-Irish is an approved supplier and installing partner to the leading supermarket chains in the country.

Comment from CMO Jens Nisu:

EasyFill has now a wide base of distribution partners that, with the support and assistance from the Company will be able to act in their respective markets.

We are now covering important market and with our unique products we have great opportunity to build global success.

Jens Nisu
19 juni 2017

Jens Nisu
+46 70 660 5882

Short about EasyFill
EasyFill is a scandinavian development company were the mainn focus is development of shelving soultions that makes the handling of products in stores more efficient.
The products that are developed are patented and sold globally through a network of partners.

 EasyFill is based in Bräcke in Jämtland Sweden where developmetn, sales and administration is located. Since May 2007 the company is listed on Aktietorget stock exchange.

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