EasyFills AB (publ.) signs new distribution agreements.

EasyFill AB have signed distribution agreements with three more reseller partners. Swedish company HL-Display, B-Smart from Israel and Hungarian Cooltech.

EasyFill continue to expand its international network of reseller partners to ensure distribution of the companys clever store shelves. To penetrate the market on a bigger scale, require a local presence with local connections. For that reason, EasyFill are working hard to find new partners. The companies mentioned below have signed agreements and the company is in discussion with other potential partners as well.


The discussions regarding a cooperation between HL and EasyFill started in 2016 and now a signed agreement can be presented.

Since the start in 1954 HL-display has developed and marketed products for price- and in store communication and shelf merchandising for the food retail industry. Today HL-display is an international company covering 44 markets and subsidiaries in 25 countries.

HL-display has around 100 sales people actively working the stores and around 300 customer meetings are done on a daily bases. Main markets include Sweden, France and Great Britain.

EasyFills products is complementing HL-Displays current product portfolio and already before signing the contract EasyFill have gotten three test orders. One of which have been delivered and installed in a store in Paris, France.

The value of the trial orders is not disclosed by request from HL-display.

Comment from Peder Clason, CMO HL-display:

For HL Display, the cooperation with EasyFill is exciting because their product portfolio complements our own. Our customer promise is to offer solutions that create a better retail experience for end customers, and help shop owners drive more sales, lower their costs, and reduce waste.


Israeli company B-Smart has been active in retailing for about 30 years, ranging from store layout to design, construction and cooling technology. There is close cooperation with Italian Arneg and B-smart is an approved supplier to all major grocery chains in the country.

EasyFill will now send samples to B-Smart so they can build a showroom to physically display view the company’s products to their customers


CoolTech’s business is commercial refrigeration and has 15 custom assemblers and is part of a nationwide service network with a total of 50 installers. The Hungarian company has agreements with internationally renowned store chains like Spar, Auchan, Aldi and Lidl, as well as most local chains, both grocery stores and petrol stations.

EasyFill will also send samples to Cooltech so they can display EasyFill products to their customers.

Comment from EasyFill CEO Håkan Sjölander:

Signing a contract with HL Display feels absolutely amazing, as we write above, HL’s approximately 100 sales people average three customer visits daily, which is impressive and now these sales people will also present and sell EasyFill’s patented products. For me, HL has always been a favorite and countless are the times I’ve been to their website and looked at products and now we are part of their range.

Signing with the other new partners give us a wide range of markets that individually are relatively small, but the sum of our network makes it a force to count on, on the market.

Håkan Sjölander

17 May 2017


For more information contact:

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