EasyFills AB (publ.) 556653-2924 Information regarding change of share trade provider.

May 31th 2016 EasyFill informed the market that the company had the intention to change from Aktietorget to Nasdaq First North, here is an explanation on the progress.

The main reason for the move is / was that when EasyFill started EasyFill America in Fort Worth, Texas, the management felt that the name Nasdaq sounds more trustworthy in the US than AktieTorget which is most certainly true. Now the company has been in the US for almost a year and the management of Marco Company that owns a 50% share in the Joint Venture owns 50% of EasyFill America and that runs our American companies feel that the most important thing is to be a listed company other than where they are listed.

EasyFill is a small company with strong growth around the world and to change trading place takes resources. That the company now intends to acquire Ebeco Group makes the prospect we have already produced for the change must be revised.

For the above reasons, the management of EasyFill have decided to delay the move from AktieTorget to First North indefinitely.

CEO comment

To not go through with the list change right now feels both good and bad; good because we need to focus ourselves on sales around the world, bad because we have spent a lot of time and resources and cannot conclude the transition.

With all that is happening now a list change can be the wrong thing to do, AktieTorget works very well and my understanding is that the quality and also the reputation of AktieTorget has improved significantly, especially in the last year, and I become more and more unsure if First North is better.

If everything goes the way I want them to, a move to the one of the main regulated markets on Nasdaq may be a better option, but we are not ready such a change just yet.

Håkan Sjölander
+46 70 59 444 69

Short about EasyFill
EasyFill is a scandinavian development company were the mainn focus is development of shelving soultions that makes the handling of products in stores more efficient.
The products that are developed are patented and sold globally through a network of partners.

 EasyFill is based in Bräcke in Jämtland Sweden where developmetn, sales and administration is located. Since May 2007 the company is listed on Aktietorget stock exchange.

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