EasyFill information from the NACS fair in Las Vegas, USA from 8 to 10 October 2018


NACS is one of the United States largest trade fairs and it moves between cities every year in USA, this year the fair was in Las Vegas.

The fair is huge, and everything from pizza ovens to full-size laundry facilities for trucks are shown (yes, they have big truck in the booth). There are a lot of big booths where the exhibitors invest millions on the booth and staff, which is nice, but what I think is extremely strange is the opening hours of the fair. The exhibition is open for three days, day one and two the fair opens at 11.30 am and closes at 6.30 pm, day three the exhibition opens at 9.30 am and closes at 1.30 pm, it is like this every year, regardless of which city the fair is arranged in.

As shown above, companies invest huge amounts at the fair in the form of booth and staff, but the fair is only open for a total of 20 hours, but it should be noted that during the first two days the number of visitors in the booth is very large and that the ticket costs about 250 USD per day so already the ticket price sort out the visitors who only come to the fair to watch. Of course, most exhibitors share free tickets to those who want to come to the booth.

Our booth cost including staff / travel / hotel was about 90 thousand USD and we were about 15 people working in the booth every day.

During the twenty hours the exhibition was open, we scanned about 400 visitors, 70% of which were interested in EasyFill products. The visitors we scanned were the most important and those we considered could give us business, so we did not scan all visitors to our booth.

The EasyFill products we showed were three MaxLoad 700, one MaxLoad 900 and two TurnLoader Ambient 900 all with our latest shelf solutions. The coolers we showed in the booth are manufactured by Efficold in Spain and are tailor-made for EasyFill”s patented RotoShelf.

The interest in our products was very large and several senior executives and decision makers from companies around the world came to our booth to see the latest EasyFill products.

Some examples of visitors

From Atlanta USA came, the sales director of all sales of soft drinks to a global fast food chain. In 2016, EasyFill sold about 2000 pcs of beverage cabinets with RotoShelf for placing in United Kingdom to this fast food chain. When I told this the responsible person pointed out that these refrigerators were sold to a competing soft drink manufacturer from the United States but that the Atlanta company had now taken over the sales of soft drinks to this Fast Food chain and they found that sales growth and filling time were very good based on the numbers they received from the staff in the UK stores. He informed me that there were far-reaching plans with a refrigerator manufacturer from Greece with a launch of RotoShelf refrigerator for the fast food chain. Because I was standing in a booth with other spectators / listeners I did not ask about markets and numbers, but I will contact the person soon.


The world”s largest brewery group from Belgium* with operations in many parts of the world. EasyFill America has delivered five MaxLoad 900 RotoShelf refrigerators to the brewery group”s operations in Brazil for testing approximately six weeks ago

The Brewery Group had 2017 of 28% of all beer sales in the world according to Euromonitor International*.
* Source: Euromonitor International is the world”s leading independent provider of strategic market research. The company creates data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world.

To the fair, the brewery had invited the managers from some of the largest customers in Brazil, which was about 100 people while a handful of own managers also participated. They were divided into two groups and had booked time in our booth for both groups, the visitors had headphone receivers and our Roger Nader, MD EasyFill America / Brazil, introduced all EasyFill products in Portuguese.

The number of inhabitants in Brazil is about 210 million, which means that the market is gigantic.

In the five refrigerators with RotoShelf, the products they have sold are been beer in glass bottles and the five refrigerators have been placed in five different stores, the following information was received from their sales manager in this division:

  • The sales increase in average on the five refrigerators is 51%. Always bottles that are facing the glass door (shelves leaning 8 degrees towards the door when the customer takes a bottle the next bottle slide toward the glass door)
  • The RotoShelf refrigerator has 50% more capacity on the same floor area (because in our custom-made refrigerator from Efficold we could remove the logo sign and get one extra shelf, the refrigerator is the latest modern versions developed for to get in as much products as possible, if there was an old refrigerator on the same place before the numbers can be in this way but it’s not always so)
  • 20% more brands / bottles are displayed in the refrigerator (one extra shelf).
  • Refilling time has decreased by 25%, even when it is twice as many products in the refrigerator (more modern and higher cooler on the same surface gives more products, the refilling time goes down because that the entire interior is turned and refilled from behind)

FIFO: First in = first out (the product placed on the shelf is sold first).

How can the numbers be as above?

MaxLoad Efficold refrigerator with RotoShelf is designed to maximize sales and reduce filling time while allowing the customer to quickly and easily select a product.

Comparing sales between countries and products is not fair and we have never achieved 51% increase with RotoShelf, but it is because we measured in Europe in normal stores where the sales pressure on beer purchases is probably not as big as in the stores that these refrigerators where placed in. Our own figures show sales growth of 15-30% but also that is a fantastic sales increase.

If the sales increase is 15% with normal beer / soda sales, our calculations show that the investment is repaid in less than one year in a normal store. In Brazil, the investment is therefore paid in a few months.

The brewery group above places huge amounts of refrigerators annually around the world and to name a few, Brazil puts out 50,000 soft drinks refrigerators annually exclusively for the world”s second largest producer of soft drinks.

It is noted that the major brewery group is the world”s largest beer and soft producer and when sales increase with RotoShelf as they say, the investment becomes insignificant as it is repaid in a few months and then it”s only a profit.


As a CEO of EasyFill, I”m probably brainwashed so I do not see the forest for all trees, but if I were sales responsible of this huge big brewery group when sales figures show 51% sales increase, I would not have hesitated to order a big number of refrigerators with RotoShelf from EasyFill. The brewery group is in more than 100 countries have around 500 beer and soda brands in there portfolio and 180,000 employees.

At the fair we talked to several manufacturers of MultiDeck refrigerators, manufacturers of soft drinks refrigerators, small and large retail chains. etc. and everyone was impressed of EasyFills products. Visitors to the booth came from many parts of the world and now every visitor will be contacted personally.

Find below some new video material for TurnLoader and ML-series cabinets.

TurnLoader Ambient:


TurnLoader Multideck


MaxLoad cabinets


ColdFront with TurnLoader


Please note that despite most of the videos feature for beverage, the shelving is highly suitable for a big variety of products, basically all that have a best before date on it.


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