EasyFill AB (publ.) – Official launch of ColdFront and a cabinet cooler developed according to the MaxLoad concept.

At the ongoing fuel station show, Tankstelle & Mittlestand, in Münster, Germany, the ColdFront product is now being launched as a completely finished product. At the same time a brand-new cabinet cooler, developed from the MaxLoad concept is being displayed for the first time. Products from EasyFill is shown in six different stands with different companies at the exhibition.


ColdFront is an alternative solution to traditional Multideck display cases. The combination of Clever shelving from EasyFill, glass doors, a shallow cold room and tailormade cooling equipment is a novelty for the food retail industry.

One of the major benefits of using insulated panels is that they are flat packed on a pallet and are significantly easier to transport and install in stores comparing to traditional Multideck cases that are heavy to handle and bulky to transport.

From a cool technical point of view a traditional Multideck is highly complicated as they are constructed to work without glass doors on them. ColdFront has glass doors as standard and around 50% lower energy consumption than a Multideck case without doors. The less complicated construction of ColdFront is also shown in the lower price of a complete unit. The advantages and benefits mentioned above in combination with clever shelving from EasyFill makes ColdFront a highly competitive alternative to Multidecks.

Two versions of ColdFront is on display; one using RotoShelf and one using SwingOut. These versions are ready to be sold and can be ordered complete using one article number. The ColdFront products will be sold internationally in the already established reseller network. Stracke Ladenbau, EasyFills German partner, is a well-established supplier to supermarkets and fuel stations in Germany.


As mentioned in previous press releases, Efficold, a Spanish producer of cabinet coolers, have developed a brand-new cabinet according to the MaxLoad concept as suggested by EasyFill. MaxLoad is the vision of EasyFill how to maximize the available space and optimize the use of RotoShelf in a commercial cooler cabinet. The major difference to a conventional cabinet is that the MaxLoad concept offers six shelves instead of five which is normal. This means that the capacity of the RotoShelf increases by 20%. It also means that there are an additional 11 product facings (50 cl PET bottles for reference).

The quality and finish of the cabinet is of a very high standard. This first cabinet is a 90 cm wide double door cabinet and the next step is to develop a 60 cm wide single door unit. A 70 cm wide single door cabinet is also in the pipeline.

Efficold is a certified supplier to the major beverage manufacturers and the new cabinet model will be offered to all players in the market.

Comment by the CEO:

It is very satisfying seeing these products finished and ready for the market. We have high expectations on ColdFront and we believe that store chains around the world will see the benefits to this alternative to traditional Multidecks.

The cooperation with Efficold has been running seamlessly and the development has been moving forwards at a quick pace. They needed to develop a cabinet from scratch and adjust their production to accommodate this new model.

We have been discussion this cabinet design with other manufacturers for a long time without a real breakthrough. To finally achieve this with the combined efforts from us and Efficold is fantastic.

To be able to walk the isles of the expo, were we don’t have our own stand, and to see EasyFill products in six stands with our partners is a great feeling.

Håkan Sjölander


Håkan Sjölander
+46 70 59 444 69

Short about EasyFill
EasyFill is a scandinavian development company were the mainn focus is development of shelving soultions that makes the handling of products in stores more efficient.
The products that are developed are patented and sold globally through a network of partners.
EasyFill is based in Bräcke in Jämtland Sweden where developmetn, sales and administration is located. Since May 2007 the company is listed on Aktietorget stock exchange.

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