EasyFill AB (publ): Management changes: New CEO

The Board of directors has appointed Tobias Sjölander as the new CEO from 1 September 2022. He succeeds acting CEO Jens Lidén, who on the same day takes up a new position as Business development director for EasyFill at HL Display AB. As previously announced, EasyFill and HL Display signed a licensing agreement at the end of May for the patented products TurnLoader Multideck and RotoShelf for the EU markets.

Tobias Sjölander, 46 years old, founder and CEO of Loxysoft for 15 years, has for the past 1.5 years been employed by LeadDesk Oy as Director of Corporate Development. Tobias Sjölander has been on EasyFill's board for many years and is well acquainted with the Company's products.

An agreement has aslo been entered into with Håkan Sjölander, EasyFill's founder and former CEO, as a senior adviser. He is also a member of the board.

Comment from Tobias Sjölander, incoming CEO:

For many years, I have taken part in EasyFill's development at both the board and at the kitchen table. I have always had a firm belief in the Company's opportunities to be able to commercialize my father's ingenious idea of ​​rotating the shelves for easy filling from the front, even if it took a long time to find the right way forward in terms of design. But now we have finished products, which can be manifested in the license agreement that HL Display signed with us in May. My future focus will be to refine the structure with full focus on sales and marketing, and at the same time keep the focus on profitability that Jens successfully pursued during the pandemic. This is going to be fun!”

Comment from Jens Liden, acting CEO:

“Since I took over as acting CEO in March 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, my focus has been on trying to keep costs down without sacrificing sales. For Q1 this year we also managed to show a positive result on the last line!
This year, much of my time was spent negotiating the license agreement with HL Display that was entered into last month. When, in connection with this, they came up with the question of leading their investment, it was difficult to turn down such an opportunity after 11 years at EasyFill.

The agreement with HL Display is a springboard for EasyFill into the future and hopefully also for me personally. I firmly believe in EasyFill's products and with the resources available in the organization at HL Display, I am convinced that we will be able to see TurnLoader Multideck and RotoShelf grow to their true potential.

I look forward to contributing to EasyFill's future success, but from the other side – we succeed together!”

Comment from Richard Bagge, Chairman of the board:

After the initial surprise over Jens' resignation had subsided, the conviction grew that this change, this rotation one can say, only constitutes a positive injection for us. On the one hand, Jens will bring HL very valuable – perhaps absolutely decisive – knowledge, which should give an impression in their sales, and on the other hand, with Tobias we get a force that has proven that he can lead and grow an entrepreneurial organization to a successful exit. I have strong faith that this shift will be very positive for EasyFill and its hard-pressed shareholders.”     

For more information, please contact:

Jens Lidén                                                
Acting CEO                                                                    
+46 70 660 58 82                                              

Tobias Sjölander
Tillträdande VD
070-660 54 23

Richard Bagge
0708-797 797


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