EasyFill AB (publ) has signed a European reseller agreement with VKF Renzel GmbH

EasyFill AB has today signed a reseller agreement with VKF Renzel GmbH regarding the turning FIFO shelf system EasyFill TurnLoader™ Ambient.

In 2023, EasyFill has noticed a large increase in interest in the company’s products on the global market. On the European market, EasyFill now signs a reseller agreement with the well-reputed VKF Renzel. Initially, the collaboration focuses on developing the offer for store shelves, the turning shelf TurnLoader™ Ambient. VKF Renzel will bring its experience, competence and knowledge of marketing and sales to present, offer and sell this product.

The collaboration is a natural continuation of the letter of intent signed in November 2022 as part of EasyFill’s partner strategy. The hope is that in the long run the collaboration can lead to larger rollouts that lead to future business with store chains on the European market.

Read more about EasyFill’s products on VKF Renzel’s website: www.vkf-renzel.de/easyfill-regalsystem/

“Now the agreement together with VKF Renzel is in place and together we can continue the work with the first deliveries and the rollout of the products together with a good and established partner in Europe. We look forward to changing the future with turning shelves,” comments Tobias Sjölander, CEO of EasyFill.


For further information contact

Tobias Sjölander

Chief Executive Officer
+46 70 660 54 23                                              


About the EasyFill Group

EasyFill AB is a Swedish listed company that uses Swedish patented innovations to reduce food waste in grocery stores around the world by up to 40%. EasyFill is an innovation-driven company with a main focus on developing products that simplify the handling of goods in stores and restaurants. All products the company manufactures and sells are patented in the major markets in the world. Sales take place through the company’s own companies, through retailers and together with manufacturers of soft drink refrigerators and refrigerator furniture manufacturers who in turn resell their products with EasyFill’s products installed in around the world.

EasyFill has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market, Stockholm since May 2007.


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