EasyFill AB (publ.) 556653-2924 is starting up a development project with ICA Sverige AB.

EasyFill AB (publ.) and ICA Sverige AB has agreed to initiate a joint development project regarding the use of EasyFills patentented shelving solutions.

As part of expanding the companys product portfolio with solutions for the grocery store market, ICA Sverige AB and EasyFill AB has agreed to create a joint development project and work together to find solutions for a greater number of products that are difficult to handle in the store.

EasyFill has already a number of RotoShelf installations for Multideck cases and shop fittings for dry goods in ICA stores around the country and representatives from ICA Sverige AB and a greater number of dealer formations met in EasyFills stand at Euroshop in Dusseldorf, held from 5 to 9 March 2017.

The Interest from ICA retailers in the booth was massive and everyone was in agreement that EasyFills patented products simplifies handling of products in stores significantly.

The intention from both ICA Sverige and EasyFill is to make the Company’s product portfolio available to ICAs retailers through ICA’s portal / web shop pending a product portfolio agreement. This is a work in progress that will be sorted out during the spring.

Comment ICA Sverige AB Jörgen Sporre

I have known about Håkan and EasyFill for a number of years and the work they do impresses me, but to impress does not generate business.

At our headquarter in Solna we hear from time to time about retailers who have invested in RotoShelf from EasyFill and that they are very satisfied with the products.

People from EasyFill has been presenting their products to us in and informed us about reduction in waste, reduced stocking times and increases in sales but as a buyer you are always a bit sceptical to numbers like this.

More and more retailers get in touch with us regarding EasyFill and we have decided to do a centrally run market evaluation. Before this decision, we spoke to some retailers and got nothing but positive judgements.

At the fair in i Düsseldorf last week a significant number of retailers visited EasyFills booth and they liked what they saw.

At the fair Håkan told me about the massive numbers that was the outcome from a trial made by the second largest food retail chain. Now we will get an opportunity to test for ourselves and if we get the same results, who knows…?

We are now launching a project team to test the EasyFill products and the enthusiasm in the team is great.

Comment EasyFills CEO Håkan Sjölander:

This is obviously a very important step towards a wider establishment in Sweden’s largest grocery store chain, and we have with our patented FIFO solutions tools to reduced shrinkage and improved handling of goods in the store and this cooperation with ICA fits very well into our strategy to expand the number of product categories that our solutions fit.

We’ve already tested both RotoShelf and SwingOut of several major retail chains around the world, including in the Belgian part of the world’s second largest chain with headquarters in France, and the results we have achieved are amazing – reduced handling of the goods by more than 50%, reduced shrinkage of about 20% and increased sales by about 25%. The results can of course vary with better procedures in the stores but that ICA Sweden see the advantages our products bring as something important is gratifying.

Bräcke 2017-03-20

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