CaruShelf installed in Narvesen Store at Gardemoen International Airport in Norway

Through the cooperation with one of Europe's leading manufacturer of open coolers for stores, Enjoy group ABs patented solution, CaruShelf, is now out on a full-scale test at Gardermoen international airport near Oslo.

Enjoy patented First in – First Out solution CaruShelf is, since a few days, installed in the Narvesen chain shop in the arrival hall at Oslo International Airport Gardermoen.

Due to the store’s A-rated location at Gardermoen the Narvesen store has a very high throughput of customers and the CaruShelf solution fits excellent in this type of stores thanks to the flexibility that is achieved since it is possible to load individual shelves by rotating them. The staff welcomes this approach as it facilitates their work and saves much time compared to refilling standard shelves, and customers can be offered products that are always cold. Having Enjoy CaruShelf solution the shop operator can vary the interior of the refrigerator to fit their needs and choose the number of standard shelves to replace.

The installation in Narvesen at Gardermoen is to be seen as a sharp market test of CaruShelf in this specific cooler model, which is new from the manufacturer. If this pilot project is successful it opens up a potentially very large market due to the fact that Narvesen is part of the Reitan group where Pressbyrån in Sweden and the Seven Eleven are also included. This type of retail concept is emerging quickly on the continent where food and drink To Go is growing rapidly and for us at the Enjoy Group AB this setup will turn out to be an excellent and important point of reference.

Comment from the CEO Hakan Sjölander:
“For some shareholders of Enjoy is certainly sad that once again able to read about yet another test installation, but to them I can only say – do not despair, test installations are the final stage of product development and therefore the step before full-scale sales. Getting CaruShelf installed in the Narvesen shop in the arrivals hall at Gardermoen airport is to me like winning a big price on the lottery. Without a doubt it is a gateway to all Narvesen kiosks and stores in Norway and to Pressbyrån and Seven Eleven in Sweden, and I could not have get a better start in 2012 says Enjoy Group CEO Hakan Sjölander “.

Sollentuna 03/01-2012

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Short on Enjoy Group AB (publ)
Enjoy Group AB is a public company, listed in Sweden on Aktietorget stock exchange, with focus on developing and patenting products for fast and easy refilling of shelves. The company currently has a product base of four patented products that reduces the time it takes to refill and front cooler shelves to a minimum.
Enjoy’s business model is to find partners who are willing to exploit our patented knowledge, design and technology through licensing arrangements on a non-exclusive basis.

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