Ebeco Trailers
The success of EBECO SRO

EBECO SRO is the innovations/development and production heart of the EasyFill Group.
A majority of all parts are made inhouse using up-to-date, efficient, equipment in a highly functional, clean and modern facilities in Nizna, Slovakia.

Apart from production and development of FIFO merchandising systems EBECO is also producing car trailers and they are currently becoming a leader in car trailer production on Slovakian market.

Based on growing interest of customers they are expanding the range and developing new types of trailers .



As the only company we have transformed the idea of collapsible trailer into the real product and brought it to market. The production of our collapsible trailer WallTrailer started in 2010 and from that time it became popular product mainly in Norway. Self-supporting welded construction together with high quality hot galvanized surface ensures long life of WallTrailer.
The WallTrailer has now become a huge success in cooperation with Austrian trailer producer Pongraz who is trading the WallTrialer in their channels


Ebeco is selling trailers in the slovak and Norwegian markets and through distributors in various other markets